Hand Feed the fish and eels at Staglands Wildlife Park in Upper Hutt Wellington

Trout & Eel Pool

Marvel at the magnificent Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and gigantic slippery eels in their deep pool, set in one of the many areas of regenerating native bush. Rainbow Trout are members of the salmon family and, like their salmon cousins, can grow quite large!

Brown and rainbow trout can be rather aggressive towards one another during spawning which is part of their natural behaviour. So don't be alarmed if you witness this.  We have Trout Food available for $2.00 so you can get up very, very close and personal with the trout and eels. You can’t do this at most zoos or farm parks!  


Fingerlings are obtained from the Fish & Game Hatchery in Rotorua and are reared in the Toe Toe Aviary pool.   They are transferred into the main Staglands pool at 2 years of age. From the platform you can feed the trout and watch their beautiful rainbow colours as they splash around! A great family activity!
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