Arapawa Island kid goat at Staglands Wildlife Reserve


Staglands’ Commitment to the Environment

At Staglands, we give our visitors, adults and children alike, a fun, interactive experience with nature in beautiful natural surroundings. We hope to inspire in our visitors a love of wildlife and an understanding of the need to protect our natural environment.

This principle is reflected in all aspects of our operations, be it in The Reserve, The Café, or in our office. We are committed to practices that minimize impact on nature and relentlessly pursue initiatives to better care for wildlife and the environment.

Staglands Conservation Involvement

  • We plant a couple thousand of native plants and ferns every year
  • We participate in captive breeding programs of New Zealand native birds together with the Department of Conservation
  • We run breeding programs for New Zealand heritage breeds in partnership with other parks and individuals
  • We implement predator control programmes (e.g. DOC traps, live capture traps, and poison bait stations)
  • We participate in advocacy campaigns such as the Whio Awareness Month to educate our visitors more about their relevance to New Zealand and how we can help these nationally vulnerable species

Environmental initiatives in practice

  • We reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • We choose eco-friendly products and packaging
  • We purchase second-hand items
  • We manage special or hazardous wastes responsibly
  • We purchase goods in bulk and source them locally to minimize carbon footprint
  • We use energy-efficient lighting and appliances
  • We have an electric vehicle charger available for visitors to use free of charge
  • We use sustainable building techniques and technologies
  • We manage and supply our own infrastructure (water supply and sewage)
  • We install water-saving fixtures and devices

You can initiate conservation efforts, too!

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