Arapawa Island goats, rare breeds at Staglands Wildlife Park

Conservation Groups

Staglands Wildlife Reserve works in conjunction with a number of conservation groups that help support New Zealand’s conservation efforts…

The Kunekune Association

This association is devoted to the preservation and registration of the native pig, The Kunekune, which almost died out. A rescue mission mounted by Staglands Wildlife Reserve near Wellington and Willowbank Wildlife Reserve in Christchurch saw 18 pigs collected from around the country to form the basis of the country’s breeding stock.

Ducks Unlimited
This society is dedicated to the conservation of New Zealand wetlands through restoration and development, conservation of threatened waterfowl, advocacy and education of wetland values. Our farm park has a number of different duck species.

NZ Rare Breeds Society
Working to preserve “old” breeds, many of which are threatened as commercially bred animals and birds take precedence, bred for their increased production. There are now many instances where the old breeds are being reintroduced into modern farming i.e. the Wiltshire Sheep. The Wiltshire sheds its wool and does not need shearing. This is now a desirable trait due to the drop in wool prices and wool is no longer in such demand. While you’re at Staglands, make your experience educational and read about our own rare breeds for a fun family activity.

New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association
The New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association comprises a group of people from around the world who are passionate about the survival and welfare of this beautiful, critically at-risk breed of small goat.

Wildlife Rehabilitators Network of New Zealand
WReNNZ is a nationwide support network for wildlife rehabilitators and those who have an interest in New Zealand wildlife. Wildlife rehabilitation is the rescue, first aid and supportive care of sick, injured or abandoned wildlife. It may involve veterinary care, feeding, nursing, housing, physical and nutritional support of animals. The aim is to gain a fit, healthy animal that can be released back into the wild. WReNNZ members are individually involved in many of these aspects for native and some introduced wildlife, particularly wild birds.

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